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EHCP Force Edition Easy Hosting Control Panel Main Theme Screenshot
(Picante Theme - EHCP Force Default Theme)

The Easy Hosting Control Panel (EHCP) is a fully functional, advanced, free, and open source website panel platform that provides a user interface for creating and managing multiple administrators, resellers, users, websites, FTP accounts, MySQL databases, email accounts, and more!  EHCP works on most Debian based operating systems.  EHCP Force Edition works best on and has been tested thoroughly on all supported versions of Ubuntu.

EHCP even installs and configures your web server software (by default, EHCP Force uses Apache2) for you while also providing additional security by slip streaming and including fail2ban and DDoS automatic banning (against Apache).  EHCP Force now properly supports nginx (SSL and Non-SSL) integration should you wish to choose more efficient web server software.


  • Supports and integrates with Let's Encrypt.  Get free SSL HTTPS certificates for your domains and subdomains at the click of a button.  No configuration required.  See the video here.
  • Manage and create other administrator, reseller, and user accounts.
  • Easily add domains and create subdomains.
  • Create user limits regarding the maximum number of email accounts, domains, MySQL databases & users, subdomains, bandwidth, and diskspace a particular user is allowed to use.
  • Easily add, edit, and interface with MySQL databases and MySQL virtual users via PHPMyAdmin.
  • Create different types of email accounts.
  • Create and modify custom BIND DNS entries.
  • Allow modifications to the Apache template for each particular domain (via a global security setting).
  • Configure a domain to use slave DNS to sync website DNS entries between multiple servers.
  • Creates and securely configures both custom and normal FTP accounts.
  • Comes with a pre-configured SquirrelMail email interface to view emails sent to virtual email accounts.
  • Backup all of your server's files and databases by using the backup and restore function.
  • EHCP can integrate into other applications through its API.
  • Installs and integrates with Amavis, SpamAssassin, and ClamAV to help filter and protect against spam and malicious email. (optional)
  • Installs and integrates with fail2ban to log and monitor network activity.  fail2ban also takes action against logged attempted attacks.
  • Schedule encrypted remote backups via FTP or SCP.
  • Schedule and run custom cronjobs.
  • And more!

Latest Updates & Changes

To see what has changed in the latest version, please read our update log.

Force Edition

EHCP Force Edition is a forked version of the original EHCP.  The original version can be downloaded and installed from

The Force Edition slightly differs from the original version.  In fact, both the lead developer of the original EHCP release and I collaborate on updating EHCP and fixing bugs.  In my version, custom FTP accounts to a custom file path can be created.  Also, php chmod and FTP chmod should both work out-of-the-box since the Apache user has been changed.  The code is managed and maintained within SVN (it is not in the original EHCP).  As new versions of Ubuntu are released, the Force Edition is quickly updated to work with the latest versions of packaged software within the main repositories.


EHCP Force Edition Easy Hosting Control Panel Main Theme Screenshot
(Epic V2 Theme)

The EHCP control panel comes with many graphical themes that users of the control panel can switch between and use.  The Force Edition's default theme is picante, created and easily maintained by me.

Web Hosting

We Be HostiN offers low cost dedicated website hosting powered by the EHCP Force control panel.  The author of EHCP Force runs We Be HostiN, so if you want high quality and dedicated web hosting from someone with the proper expertise, look no further and order your web hosting today from We Be HostiN.

Free Dynamic DNS

EHCP Force Edition supports dynamic IP addresses.  If you want to run a web server from your home internet connection, install EHCP Force Edition on your home server, and then use Dynamix & its client software on your server to setup and use dynamic DNS.  Here's a video with more information:

Free Website Monitoring

Use Host Mon to monitor your websites to make sure they are online.  If your sites go down or are offline for any reason, Host Mon will send you a notification email.  Host Mon monitors and notifies you of any website problems.

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