Author Topic: Email Issue, Can send internal on local network but can not send or recieve ext.  (Read 1562 times)


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Hiya guys, Hope that you are alll safe and well.

Please if someone could help me out with an email issue.

I was a victim of Sex fraud blackmail scam attempt last year and reported every single one to the Police (Over 5 million attempts
when i did not yeald the scammers bombarded my email with Spoof email to very dodgy companies that in turn reported to Spamhus etc.

I now have a clean install of EHCP and Clean IP Address (Static Public)
I now have a problem connecting my email to the outside World, Incomming and outgoing.
I can send internal email to my other domains but on a local network.
Please could anyone help ?
Regards Colin


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Some ISPs block port 25.  Thus, you may not be able to receive email messages on a home ISP connection.  You can send messages, but you'll need to use the submission port (587) instead. 

If port 587 is blocked, you should use a relay for home ISP connections like ReachMail