Author Topic: First Step to Troubleshooting Issues in EHCP if Something Stops Working Randomly  (Read 3250 times)


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After downloading official Ubuntu system updates and package updates, sometimes software that EHCP Force Edition relies on may stop working properly.  Maybe FTP connections no longer work, and your FTP client returns an error message from the server when you attempt to connect.  Perhaps apache2 stops working and outputs a syntax error.  Any issues that occurred after downloading official updates might be fixed by running the EHCP Force Edition update script.  The update script not only updates EHCP Force core files, but it also re-installs specific software packages that have been patched to work with our integration of EHCP and fixes various configuration settings to make sure your system will keep working properly. 

It is OK to run the update script more than once (your custom settings, domains, files, email, MySQL databases, and other EHCP settings will not be lost). 

To run the update script, please use the following commands:

Code: [Select]
sudo apt-get install subversion
cd ~/Downloads
if [ -e "" ]; then
    rm ""
svn export "svn://"
sudo bash ""

If your issue has not been solved after running the update script, please start a new topic in the Technical Help forum.