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EHCP Force Edition
What is EHCP Force Edition?

EHCP stands for "Easy Hosting Control Panel".  The EHCP Force Edition is a fork of the original EHCP.

Why should I use the force edition over the original EHCP software?

The force edition of EHCP is thoroughly tested and updated as new versions of Ubuntu are released.  It contains new functionality that is not included in the original EHCP.  For example, in the force edition, administrators can create and manage custom FTP accounts using a custom path.  This feature is a must-have for allowing users to manage their game servers.

The force edition also runs both FTP and Apache software under the same user while still maintaining security by limiting the directories scripts may access.  This means that PHP scripts can modify file permissions of files that have been uploaded by a user through FTP because the owner in both operations is the same user.  Scripts such as WordPress and forum software install properly because the PHP chmod function works as expected.

Also, the force edition's code is managed via subversion (SVN), a file versioning system.  It is a central repository for the EHCP source code.  Using SVN, code changes can be tracked.  Anyone is welcome to create patches or develop EHCP.  It's open source!

What Does EHCP Do?

The Easy Hosting Control Panel (EHCP) is a fully functional, advanced, free, and open source website panel platform that provides a user interface for creating and managing multiple administrators, resellers, users, websites, FTP accounts, MySQL databases, email accounts, and more!  EHCP works on most Debian based operating systems and works best on Ubuntu.

EHCP even installs and configures your web server software for you while also providing additional security by slip streaming and including fail2ban and DDoS automatic banning (against Apache).


* Manage and create other administrator, reseller, and user accounts.
* Easily add domains and create subdomains.
* Create user limits regarding the maximum number of email accounts, domains, MySQL databases & users, subdomains, bandwidth, and diskspace a particular user is allowed to use.
* Easily add, edit, and interface with MySQL databases and MySQL virtual users via PHPMyAdmin.
* Create different types of email accounts.
* Create and modify custom BIND DNS entries.
* Allow modifications to the Apache template for each particular domain (via a global security setting).
* Configure a domain to use slave DNS to sync website DNS entries between multiple servers.
* Creates and securely configures both custom and normal FTP accounts.
* Comes with a pre-configured SquirrelMail email interface to view emails sent to virtual email accounts.
* Backup all of your server's files and databases by using the backup and restore function.
* EHCP can integrate into other applications through its API.
* And more!

To download or upgrade your existing installation of EHCP to the force edition, please visit our download page on the main website.


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* The Original EHCP
EHCP is open source software! 


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