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New control panel design?

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Great work on the fork of ehcp,

but the old design of ehcp is way to outdated in my eyes, I would like to see it in a fresh design and looks totally different from ehcp

How about creating a design with a free admin theme? for example this one

with a new look to the control panel i think your project can go go far and beyond :)

Hi Dexxa,

Thanks for your feedback.

For the moment, the idea is to keep it simple.  The picante theme does just that in my opinion.  Also, I have many other ideas that take priority over the UI at the moment.

If you'd be willing, it would be awesome if you explored creating a template for EHCP Force.  Just go into /var/www/new/ehcp/templates and copy the picante folder and name it something else.  Check out how the templating currently works, and try to implement that control panel theme.  If it looks really good, I will make it the default theme.

I would love your help on this :D

Hi all..

--- Quote ---Also, I have many other ideas that take priority over the UI at the moment.
--- End quote ---

At what are you referring to these new ideas?

Jailed SSH?



Well, I don't want to let any surprises out of the bag just yet... haha

We're testing some new features soon. 

Well.. if you need a tester.. i'm available



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