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Compatibility with PHP 7 and PHP 5 and possible work arounds.


I recently upgraded Ubuntu to a fresh install along with EHCP Force and mostly very happy.
But i am finding that much of my old (and a lot of new) software is not compatible with PHP 7 (7.2)
So my question is: Is there a work around for PHP 5 dependant software and PHP Extensions.
One thought was to have two instances of PHP running side by side.
Another was: is there some kind of conversion that could be automatically applied to the old PHP software.

I really don't with to go back to older versions of Ubuntu as i found almost all of them unstable with the exception of 12.04
and as it seams many aren't shifting to PHP 7
Any thoughts or better still ... any solutions.

The only solution is to use Ubuntu 14.04 or possibly Debian 8.  EHCP Force Edition should work on both without issues.

lol the whole point of upgrading to 18.04 was due to the PHP5 being to low for my main PHP script, in effect stuck with running two seperat servers which is hot and annoying.

Yeah, well there's no magic wand to convert old PHP scripts to be compatible with PHP7.  However, you can manually convert them which is what I do with EHCP software.  Usually, I just change software so that it is compatible with both versions to avoid any problems. 

It does suck, but the blame goes to PHP (for their stupid ways of deprecating code and not converting these deprecated functions over to the new format), and that's all you can do.

You should run one server with several virtual machines.  Then, it's no problem to run many servers on one server.


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