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Rollback Software for EHCP


Lets say i have an issue with EHCP and need to re install it as fresh, ie DB, SQL etc.
can some automatic uninstall software be included ?
I run my own server from home.

What happens is when i have messed up and try to re install EHCP i run into even more issues.
When i delete MySQL folder as people are mentioning as a way to uninstall EHCP. As that is not
the correct way to uninstall it but just hides it. I find that when i go to re install EHCP it has most of the
bad remnants that i was trying to reset in the first place. I am not the greatest with Ubuntu but learning
and i always seam to have to format the server and start all from scratch with Ubuntu 18.04 and EHCP
which is extremely annoying and time consuming. It would be nice to run some software that removed
EHCP fully and restores the OS to the point before it was installed.

That is not the proper way to uninstall EHCP.

EHCP is PHP software.  It does however setup your web server with the base web server packages.  As such, there's not really a good way to uninstall EHCP since it would require removing the base web server packages as well.  You could always delete the /var/www/new/ehcp folder, the ehcp database, and try again, but you'll still need the root MySQL user password.

This is what i mean, When removing the Database it becomes a hurdle to install EHCP again as it doesn't reset, re ask the MySQL details
and still has the old details. Was the whole point of the uninstall etc.


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